Parent Child Relationships

I am majorly burdened. I have been blindsided this week by the parent to child relationships in our church. I am sure we are not different than any other church. In fact, I am afraid that we are above average which doesn’t speak well of the state of the American Christian family. I guess I should have seen this coming. Christians have the same divorce rate and usually tip poorly. We don’t have it together, but growing up in a great family(I actually called my parents this week to thank them) I guess I just am blind to some sin. Pornography/sexual sin I feel I am tuned in to, but this one snuck up on me.

We have core students in our group who just cannot even talk to their parents. We have parents who are in full time ministry that call their home an out of control crisis. Where did it happen and what went wrong? Who is forsaking their role the christian parent or the christian child. Which came first the chicken or the egg. Something must be done and I am praying that God will give me the plan of attack and the wisdom to begin to bring reconciliation into our body.

When lived correctly the parent/child relationship should be evengelism at its best. As a parent models love and grace to a child the child and parent learn of the love and sacrifice of our heavenly father. Perfect love lived out by imperfect people is interesting to say the least. Time to re-inject perfection.


1 thought on “Parent Child Relationships

  1. as a pastor for 10 years (youth for 9) and father of three, i gotta tell you, i feel your pain.

    i’ve been amazed lately that as we have really been emphasizing parents are the primary disciplers in the Scriptures, we typically receive some stark resistance. it seems that the church took this responsibility from parents, and now, like in a welfare society, the parents don’t want the responsibility back…even when the church realizes it was wrong to take it.

    i don’t know if you have any kids, but i think the key is for each of us to start in our own home. it’s humbled me.

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