As I entered ministry out of school my wife and I had some great offers to go to many places. We could have ended up in several Ohio locations, North Carolina, California, and others. I say that not to toot my own horn but to say that as much as it was up to me (if at all) I really wanted a church with a staff to grow me. Although I wanted to be in God’s country Ohio, what was more important to me was being part of a staff where I could learn ministry from them and be mentored.

I think recently God is really giving me a burden more and more daily for our hsm students at GBC Powell. I know what it means to shepherd them becasue I am burdened and want the best for them. I think about their futures, I think about thier decisions, I think about their potential, and everything else you can think of. Thinking isn’t enough, so I regularly take all these thoughts before God and lift up my group to Him.

I am more and more by the day falling in love with our students and group and am glad that has been modeled to me by my senior pastor and the men I have the privelage to work with.


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