There’s always next week!

I read many blogs of pastors and ministry leaders everyday. On any given day you will read a pastor saying what he is going to talk about the next Sunday and how excited he is. If you read the next day you may find a great follow up highlighting great things that took place through the message of in the previous days service.

I have a debriefing to offer tonight that is not as positive or enthusiastic. Just got home from Wednesday night. I usually can’t sleep until I mentally unwind from my busiest day of ministry. In simple terms tonight, I sucked! I just felt like tonight was very poor on many levels.

No need to go into major detail or try to pass the blame. Just need to say that my God and the students he has given me deserve better. I want to make excuses like “It is amazing how much not being able to access my network or computer for three days this week can throw me off,” or “I had huge things come up that cannot be planned around.” The truth is I just have to…

1) Move on and Stop beating myself up over it
2) Learn from it and make the next one better

Baseball players strike out. Barbers mess up haircuts. Taxi drivers get in wrecks. Surgeons fail at procedures. I guess youth pastors are no different, I have to fail every once in a great while to keep my human status:)


1 thought on “There’s always next week!

  1. Lawyers screw up too…The first time I really messed up in front of a judge, the client and a courtroom full of people, it drove me crazy. I had failed to prepare for a certain issue that no one thought would come up…except the judge, who burned me on it. When people who’ve been doing something for a long time say that you need “experience”…I think that’s what they are referring to.

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