Do I know you?

I am not a pastor at what is defined as a “mega-church” (a church of 2,000 or more) but I am at a church that can regularly be over 1,000 people. One of the things I didn’t expect being on staff at a church this big was the lack of disconnect with a body of even our size.
This has come to my attention many times over the last year and a half, but I was reminded again when I met two men last night.

“Hey there Mark!”
“Oh hey there.” (I say as my face gives away that I don’t know this guy)
“You don’t know me, but I know you from up on stage, I’m (fill in name here).”

And than 30 seconds later as our conversation ends, I feel that no matter how hard I try to avoid the “Ivory tower of a pastor” and close the gap with people in the church I feel distanced from the body in an accidental way. Nothing major but my personlaity wants to badly to be Mark. Not Pastor Mark, just Mark.

Usually in my mind (about 1 minute after the meeting) I think, oh what was his name again……….and realize that by forgetting names as soon as I learn them, I am not closing the gap as much as I would like. I wonder how others try to remember names and keep faces straight. I have tried to use devices and name association among other things. Like most of life and ministry I am learning, but I still need work.


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